What is Homecoming Event?

A Free Homecoming Flyer Template Editable in MS Word

Homecoming is an annual event or tradition celebrated in educational institutions such as high schools, colleges, and universities. It is not a single-day event rather it is spread over a week of activities involving different games and a dance. In the United States, football is usually the game played during this event.
The purpose of the homecoming event is to welcome back the old students to celebrate school spirit. This also creates a sense of community among the current students and the old students. The week leading up to the football game and dance often includes events such as spirit days, pep rallies, parades, and bonfires.
During the homecoming games, old students who participate in games are also honored with medals and gifts. The homecoming dance is usually held on the last night. It becomes an opportunity for all students to dress up, socialize, and dance together.

What is the use of a Homecoming Flyer?

Free Homecoming Flyer TemplateFree Homecoming Flyer Template Homecoming is a tradition so it is preferred to invite all the participants using traditional ways instead of just emails. Therefore, usually, Homecoming flyers are printed and distributed among the student communities for invitation purposes. To make the job easier for you, we are sharing a free Homecoming flyer template with you that will be perfect for the promotion of this event.

Here is the link to download the flyer template
Free Homecoming Flyer Template

This flyer template is very easy to edit due to the fact that it is designed using MS Word. I am sure many of you have it already installed on your PCs. If you like this flyer template, please share this page on your social accounts and websites.

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