Basketball Tournament Flyer Template

A Free MS Word Template for Basketball Events

Basketball Event Flyer TemplateBasketball Event Flyer Template This is my favorite and evergreen flyer template which you can use for your basketball related events. The design is classic and it effectively conveys all your advertisement material. The flyer can be printed on an A4 size (8.5 X 11 inches) which is the most common and printer friendly paper size. I have made sure to use only those fonts that are present in MS Word to reduce an extra headache of font downloading. Also the colors I chose for this flyer are frequently used in basketball courts which adds a phycological effect in the viewing experience.

How to Edit This Template?
This template is free and you can edit is using Microsoft Word. I know that most of the users have MS Office installed so I designed this template in MS Word. You don’t need to add any image to this flyer or to even change the existing basketball image but you can easily do so if you want to as there is a plenty of space inside the circle which is exactly in the center of this flyer. Just click on the “Change Graphic” option in MS Word to change it. Once you change the image, auto align it vertically and horizontally. The circled area is exactly in the center of this flyer just so you know this flyer is designed in a symmetrical way so every element is in order and proportion.
You have plenty of places to insert your marketing text. I don’t think an average person has enough time to read long phrases so I have added less text but made it more prominent. It is better to summarize your basketball event details and then replace the dummy text with them.
You can download the basketball flyer template using the following link:
Free Basketball Tournament Flyer
This flyer template is totally free! However, I will appreciate if you share this flyer link on your blog, website or social media account to give me some credit of my work.

Questions from the Comments Section

Can I Print this Flyer on a Legal size paper?

If you want to print it on a Legal Size 8 x 14 inches paper the you may need to use the Fit to Page option in your printer but it may cause the loss of paper and flyer will also be a bit smaller in size. I recommend you to use an A4 size (8.5 x 11 inches) paper instead to use the full potential of this basketball flyer template.

I want to Use this Flyer for Large Scale Printing, Am I permitted to do so?

Yes you can use this flyer for large scale printing, This flyer is completely free to use for any scale. You can use it for small basketball clubs to large scale international clubs.

My Printing Company require a PDF file instead of a Docx File, How can I use this flyer now?

You can still use this flyer template. Just edit the template to suite your basketball event and then use the Print to PDF feature of MS Word. You will get your flyer design in PDF format which you can send to your printers.

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