Restaurant Menu Template

A Free MS Word Menu Template for Restaurants

Restaurant Menu TemplateRestaurant Menu Template Menu card is the most used stationary items in a restaurant. They are served to every customer upon every visit which causes massive wear and tear to the menu cards. I am planning to share a series of menu card templates on this website to address this issue. Today I am uploading my first menu card template of this series. You can easily edit this template to suite your restaurant needs using MS Word. This template can be easily printed using in house printer so it is an ideal solution especially for small restaurants who cannot afford to go to professional printers every once in a while.
This template is basically a single page menu but you can print it multiple times with different items and images to even print a complete menu book. There are 3 images on it and you will need to replace them with your restaurant’s own food images. You will obviously need to change the text as per your needs.
You can download this menu template using the following link.
Restaurant Menu Template
This template is completely free to use although you are not required to do so but if you can share this page on your social accounts then it will be counted as a favor. I will post more menu cards templates soon as I get time.

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