How to Make a PDF flyer?

A guide to convert your flyer design to PDF file format

How to Make a PDF flyer?How to Make a PDF flyer? PDF or portable document file is a commonly used file format to share documents across the web. Therefore, it is often required to convert flyers into pdf files before sending them to anyone. Adobe Writer is the official tool to create pdf files but the user interface of Adobe writer is suitable for documents only. It is very difficult to create flyers using Adobe writer interface. But luckily there is a way around.

Windows 10's built in Print to PDF feature:
If you are using windows 10 then there is a feature called “Print to PDF” which is actually a virtual printer which just acts like a real printer with only exception that it prints the input into a PDF file. The good thing is, the output will be exactly like you have on your design interface or the projected printing output of the flyer using a standard printer.

You got the trick? This way you can use whichever application you like to design your flyer, all you need to do is to select the virtual PDF printer as your printer selection while printing your flyer. When you will click on the “Print” button, a document save window will appear which will let you save your pdf flyer file into your disk drive in any folder you want.

What If I have an older version of Windows?
There is still hope for people using older windows versions. Adobe acrobat also has a built in “Print to PDF” driver which is installed along with it by default so if you are using an older version of windows then all you need is to install Adobe acrobat writer on your computer and you will get the “Print to PDF” virtual printer in your printers list.

Apart from that, some free virtual pdf printers are also available online for free which can be used to convert your flyer into pdf as well. However, before downloading any of them, make sure to search for their repute on Google. Also, if you download any such application, make sure to scan it with your antivirus before installing it.

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