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A good flyer to use for your Library

Library Flyer TemplateLibrary Flyer Template Libraries face a great deal of competition from online research platforms so print media must be used for marketing campaigns instead of just online marketing. Remember, online marketing will mostly reach those people who prefer to spend their time online, while your printed flyer will most likely be read by such people who prefer to read from the paper. I am sharing a free flyer template here which you can use to promote your library.
You can edit this flyer template using MS Word which is perhaps one of the most common software applications available. You will need an A4 size or 8.5 x 11 inches paper and a regular color printer to print this flyer.
Now let me describe the layout of this flyer template. On the very top, there is a heading section where you can write your library name or your event title such as “New Books Arrived” etc. After that a section comes where you can attach a title picture of the most valuable book from the new arrival and with it, you can write a plenty of marketing text to encourage readers to become your library members. Below that you can list the new books you brought to your library, preferably select most famous names. There is also a section to enter your library address and contact numbers and finally you can write your website address at the very bottom.
This library flyer template is designed by me and it is totally free to be used by anyone. You can freely change it to suite your library. It is not required but please share this page on Facebook and other social medias to honor my work if possible. Please feel free to contact me using the comments section.
Here is the download link to this library flyer. Free Library Flyer

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