Free Car for Sale Flyer Template

Template can be edited using MS Word

If you want to sale your car to upgrade or any other reason and are looking for a good flyer template to help you then you are on the right page. It is an age of social media so obviously this flyer can be used as an ad to share on your social media accounts but I suggest that you should also print it using your printer and locally distribute it. Also, if you don’t want your social community to know about you selling your car then this option is even better for you. I am sharing a very eye caching flyer template here which can be edited using MS-Word and you can print it using your own printer unless you want more than 100 prints in which case, I will recommend you to go with professional printers. This template is fully compatible to be printed by professional printers as well. If your local printer only accepts PDF files then you can use “Print to PDF” functionality which is already present in entire MS Office and then send the output PDF flyer to your printers for bulk printing.

How to Use this Flyer to Sell Your Car?

Car for Sale Flyer TemplateCar for Sale Flyer Template MS-Office is the most common software suite so I assume you have it installed already. All you need to do is to open this template in MS Word and then replace the existing car photos with your own car photos. Try your best to capture them from the same angle as the existing images, for example take a snap of your dashboard using your camera or even Cellphone and replace the dashboard photo with it. Similarly take a photo from the front of your car, a photo of steering wheel and a photo from the side angle. Replace all the photos in the template and replace the text with your own and you are good to print it. Oh and if your car has some distinctive color then you can also change the background color of this template to match your car’s photos. I have added a shape at the back of this template and changed the shape color which is acting as a background color. The reason is because MS-Word sometimes doesn’t print the background color so I used this trick to overcome this issue.
Here is the Download Link:
Car For Sale Flyer Template
This template is completely free and there are no conditions involved. If you want to give me some credit for my work then you should probably share this page on your social media which will be enough for me however that too is not required! :) its just a favor you can give me in return if you want to. I hope this template helps you for whatever reason you are downloading it for.

Common Questions and Their Answers

What is the Printing Size of this Template?

This flyer template is 8.5 inches x 11 inches so it can be easily printed on an A4 page.

I dont have MS Word. Can I Still use this Flyer Template?

Yes you can use this flyer template using open office which is free or you can open it with Google Docs but you may need to do a few adjustments as some placements can be wrong when opened with other applications.

I am a designer, can I use this template for my clients?

Yes you can use it in your designing projects for your clients.

Can I Upload this Car Flyer Template on my own website and make it available for Public Downloads?

If you have added a back link to this page and gave credit to our website then yes you can upload it on your own website as long as you dont claim it as your own!

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