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Coreldraw House Painting FlyerCoreldraw House Painting Flyer Coreldraw is a very good application for flyer designing. Professional designers use coreldraw to design high quality flyer templates for bulk printing. on this page, I will share many professional yet free CorelDraw flyer templates with you and I will be updating this webpage from time to time. Please keep visiting for new templates.
Here is my first template.
Coreldraw Template for Painters:
I have designed a flyer template for professional painters to help them promote their painting services. Current flyer theme is actually more suitable for house painters but you can use it for other painting services as well by changing a couple of images. You can download it for free and can use it for whatever purpose you want. I have designed it myself so there are no duplication issues possible.

This flyer template has many image slots available in it, although the images I have used can also serve for almost all kind of painting services yet you are free to change the images as per your needs. There is a section at the left top area of this flyer which contains flyer title and main slogan of your flyer. Both of them are prominent enough to not to be missed even from a distant view. You will surely get a lot of clients with a carefully chosen flyer title and marketing slogan.

Unlike other flyer templates, this flyer has a main text area and a right bar for highlights. You can choose your marketing highlights and can put them in the right side text area. General text area can be enlarged by merging both paragraphs. You can also shrink the top image to increase the space for more text if you need.
This flyer template is very professional yet you can still easily edit it. I have saved this flyer template in Coreldraw 9.0 format so you can edit it even with an older version of Coreldraw. You can also edit this flyer in any other software application which can import CDR files. I believe adobe illustrator also supports import of cdr files o you can also use adobe illustrator to edit this template.

Here is the download link:
House Painter Flyer Coreldraw

This template is also available in MS Word and Adobe Photoshop formats on the following url:
House Painting Flyer Template for MS Word and Adobe Photoshop Users

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