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Free Library Flyer Template

In this age of the internet, books got stuck to the shelves and people rarely bother to read them. If you own a library and you want to sell your membership then you will need to reach out to people using different marketing methods. Small library businesses are already under stress so they usually don’t afford to invest in print marketing campaigns. Don’t lose hope, here is what you can do to achieve this task.

On this page, I am sharing a professional flyer template that I have designed especially for libraries. The beauty of this template is that you don’t even need any expensive design software to edit it. Although I have developed it in Adobe Photoshop I have exported all its assets into small chunks and then redesigned the template in MS Word using them. That means you now don’t need Adobe Photoshop to edit this flyer template instead you can use MS Word to edit and print it.
For those users who do have Adobe Photoshop and want to use it for advanced editing instead of MS Word, I have also added a Photoshop version of this library flyer.

Library Flyer

Flyer Layout

The top line which right now says “Book Reading Event For You” can be used as your library’s slogan. You can also use it to explain any event that is happening in your library.

Then comes the main flyer heading “Oxford Library”. Now if you are using the flyer to promote your library itself then you should type the name of your library here. But if you are promoting any event that is happening in your library, like a book sale, then you should type the event title here instead. You can change the text size if you have more text to fit there but two lines look better here.

Next to it is a small banner, I have originally added it to mention the date for your event. But you can type something else as well but please keep it short to stay within the banner size. If you have more text to fit then you can reduce your font size or you can also resize the banner though even in MS Word, I have exported it as an individual image to make it easy.

Description (Octagon):
Below the banner, there is an area where you can write distinctive features of your library or you can explain how unique books you have. In case you are publishing this flyer for an event happening in your library, you can describe it as well in this section. You can resize this section as well if needed or change the font size as you require.


Next is the Time section which right now says “9 AM to 6 PM”. You can write your library time here or you can use it as a text heading for the small text below it.

Short Text, Contact Details, and Web URL:
Lastly, there comes a very handy section that can be used to conclude your marketing text. In the lower portion, you can add contact information for your library such as your Phone number, your email, and lastly your website address at the very bottom.

How to Use This Flyer

This library flyer template is totally free to download and use by anyone for printing purposes. You can freely alter it as per your requirements. You can freely share it as long as it is shared using the link of this page. Please feel free to share this page on Facebook, twitter or any other social media you use.

Here is the link to download this library flyer template for MS Word users

Library Flyer Template Word

Here is the second link to download the original Adobe Photoshop source or this template.

Free Library Flyer Photoshop