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Free Football Flyer Template

This beautiful football flyer is a very good addition to our sports templates section. Flyer size is 8.5 x 11 (A4 size) and it is dedicatedly designed for the advertisement of football matches or training events. Just like all other flyers on our website, this one is also totally free. I have first designed it in Adobe Photoshop and then I exported all the necessary elements for MS Word to redesigned it as a Word document. It has same look in both formats and you can easily edit the flyer text in both application with the exception that in Adobe Photoshop you can also modify the effects used on the images though it is not a requirement for most of the users. Also, the images I have used in this flyer are already related to football so it is very unlikely that you will need to change them therefore MS Word should be more than enough for most of the users to edit this flyer.

Flyer Size and Printing Instructions

You can easily print this flyer on A4 size (8.5×11 inches) papers using a regular laser or inkjet color printer for small promotions. For large-scale football events, you need a lot of flyers so you will need to send them to professional bulk printers in which case you should inform them about the printing area of the flyer before printing. The flyer should be cut right at the end of the printing area so that any extra white paper is not visible therefore professional printers usually confirm the printing size with you to avoid over or under-cutting of the paper.

Football Flyer Template

Flyer Overview

This flyer template is pretty much self-explanatory. The main title has a black rectangle behind it to make the text stand out from the rest of the contents. The main theme is dedicatedly designed for football sports so you can even safely change the main heading “Football” to say “Tournament” or to your event title and it will still look like a football-related flyer. A huge football image is enough to put a football feel in the flyer.

Bellow that black rectangle, another red rectangle is placed which contains the subheading of this flyer. I recommend you to put your club name on it but you can also dedicate this place to your sponsors. Under this, you can write the names of the opponent teams in your football match followed by the Day, Date, and time on which the match will take place. Finally, in the last line, you can write down the mention the location at which your sports event is taking place. You can also write your phone you’re your email here. You probably have also noticed a start on the top right side of the flyer, I have added there a text saying “Free Entry” right now but you can use it to mention any attraction for your audience. For instance, you can mention “Free Drinks” or “Free Wifi” etc.

Flyer Usage Instructions

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a professional graphic designer and I have worked for many multinational companies so don’t underestimate this flyer design because you are getting it for free. It has the same quality and professional touch to it that you will get after paying a couple of grand to any local graphic designer. If you want to honor my work then please share this page on Facebook and any other social media platforms you use. It will only take a couple of minutes of yours but will give me some benefit for the hours of work I have done for this flyer.

Here are the download links for the flyer template:

For those users who want to edit the flyer using MS Word, please download it using the link below

Football Flyer Template Word

For those users who have Adobo Photoshop installed and want to use it to edit this template, please use the link below

Football Flyer Template Adobe Photoshop