School Admission Open Flyer Template

A Free Word Template Design for School Admission Flyers

Free Admission Open Flyer TemplateFree Admission Open Flyer Template Summer is setting in and new admissions are opening in many schools so obviously school staff will now need a way to spread the word. A good flyer can help you in boosting your school strength by attracting more students to get admission in your school. I am adding an eye-catching flyer template which is dedicatedly designed for school admissions. Flyer size is 8.5 x 11 inches so it can be printed on any A4 sized page using a regular color printer. Laser printers are usually recommended when you have to print more than a few flyers but even desk jets can work for you though they will be a bit slower.
Flyer Design and how to Edit it:
I have designed this flyer template using MS Word so if you have MS Office installed in your PC then you can easily edit it to use for your school. On the very top of this flyer template, there is a header section which is basically a shape filled with color to allow inverse text display. The white text looks prominent and is used to display your school’s name. The star above the school’s name is actually a placeholder for your school’s logo so feel free to replace it. I recommend you to use the white version of your school’s logo here but you can use other colors as well. The them color can be changed to your school’s theme color and to do this, you will need to change the fill color of the top and the bottom shape. As for the image area, I recommend you to use your own photo, for instance you can use photos of your brilliant students.
Then comes the main flyer heading which is “Admission Open” and after that goes your school’s main slogan. Make sure to use some wise words here to attract more students to your school. After that, you have an area to mention the admission criteria but you can change it to whatever text you want as per your needs. You can even increase the height of this shape to add more text in it. I have added a couple of text lines below this shape to mention the contact information for the school. Finally, you can also add your school website address in the footer section of this flyer. You can download this flyer template from the following link
School Admission Open Flyer
This Template is completely free without any conditions. However if you want to show a good gesture then please share this page's link on your website or social media accounts.

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