A Beautiful Free Flyer for House Painters

8.5 x 11 inches A4 size professional flyer for paint job promotions

This flyer template is ideal to promote house painting services. Flyer size is 8.5 x 11 inches so you can even print it on a regular A4 size paper. All you need is a color printer and MS Word or Adobe Photoshop to edit the flyer to suite you marketing campaign. BTW I have included two separate versions of this flyer template; one is for MS-Word and other is for Adobe Photoshop so please download accordingly as per your need.
This flyer has four main image and all of them are related to house painting business so you don’t need to change them. These photos are colorful enough to attract attention of your audience. If you want to change then, you can easily do so in Adobe Photoshop however for those of you who are using MS Word to edit the flyer, you can still change the images. I have added the main photo as background image behind the page. MS Word allows you to import an image and drag it anywhere in the document so you just need to resize your image exactly equal to the image you are overlapping and that will do it.

Flyer Layout:

Beautiful Flyer for House PaintersBeautiful Flyer for House Painters Slogan: The top left section with yellow background is actually the main slogan for your house painting campaign. I have already put a slogan saying “We Give Your House A Brand New Look” in black and “We Bring Colors in Your Life, We are Painter” in red color. Please change it to whatever you want.
Main Contents Section: Directly below the flyer slogan, you can two main paragraphs with having their own heading texts each. You can use them to explain different house painting parameters like ceiling area, floor area, walls area, doors, windows and their effects on your house painting quote later. Or you can use this area to write down different packages you offer for your painting services.
Contact Info and Web Address: Bellow that you have a contact details area in which you can write down your phone number, cell phone number and business address. House owners will contact you with the help of this information. And in addition to that, I have also added a footer at the end of this flyer template which can show your email address and your website address in a very appealing way.
Right Section: Finally, the right-hand side has a small but long area in which you can mention your paint job terms and conditions or different hourly rates for different kind of services. You can also mention any special discounts you offer to attract new clients.
Please note that this flyer is totally free for your use and you are free to alter it to suite your needs. I will appreciate if you share it on Facebook or any other social media you use to honor my work. You are free to contact me using the comments section. Here are the download links, please download according to the editing software you want to use.
Link for house painting flyer in MS Word format: House Painters Flyer Word
Link for house painter flyer in Adobe Photoshop format: House Painters Flyer Psd

Update: A lot of users requested us to post this house painting flyer in Coreldraw CDR format as well so we got it converted to CDR format and posted it on the following link.
House Painter Flyer Coreldraw

Henry2020-11-13 07:55:14

I have printed your template and it came out beautiful. I dont think i could have got any better design by hiring a designer or freelancer. You saved me a bunch of money and trouble. thanks buddy :)

Miky Smth2021-01-30 14:33:46

This is really is a beautiful template, can you please upload it in CDR format? In my area, Coreldraw is used for printing services in press market so they need CDR file to print. I will be very grateful if you can do so for me . :)

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