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5 Best General Ledger Templates for MS Word

Accounting documents are extremely important to prove your business legitimacy. If you are not keeping proper accounts for your business transactions then sooner or later, you will end up in deep trouble. I am an accountant and I know it can sometimes be hard for small business owners to hire a dedicated accountant but you cannot use it as an excuse against any official govt audit. Therefore, I am going to upload all the necessary accounting documents on to help small businesses. You don’t need to do anything, just print the templates using your printer and use them to keep your business accounts. Journal, Ledger, and Trial Balance are the three main pillars of business accounts and all the remaining business documents heavily rely on them. Ledger is the most important of these three so today I am uploading 4 most important general Ledger format templates for your use. But before that let me tell you what is a General Ledger and how to use it!

What is a General Ledger?

A ledger is an accounting document that acts as a summary of all the business transactions recorded in a Journal. All the transactions being carried on by a business are recorded in the Journal which later regularly gets recorded on the Ledger until the end of a business year at which point a trial balance document is prepared based on this ledger to verify accounts accuracy. After that this accounting data is used to prepare balance sheets, income statements, and other accounting reports.

T Account General Ledger

#1 Classic General Ledger or T Account Ledger

T account type general ledger is the most commonly used ledger in the world. It is suitable for almost any kind of small business. This type of ledger is divided into two equal and parallel sections; the left section is used to enter the debit transactions while the right-side section is used to enter the credit entries.

These accounting entries are imported from the accounting Journal which is an accounting book used to register day-to-day business transactions. So, every transaction entry only takes half of the row which in some situations can save some paper for you.

Please note that this ledger template also allows you to enter a sheet number for the current sheet you can also enter the previous sheet number and the next sheet number at the bottom of each ledger sheet to avoid the mixing of pages.

You can download this ledger template using the following link
T Account Ledger (MS Word Format 30Kb)

#2 Ledger for Small Business With Balance Columns

This type of general ledger is also very commonly used and it is ideal for small businesses where very basic accounting procedures are used to calculate income. Unlike the T accounts ledger, in this type of ledger, every transaction entry takes a full line and the balance is calculated on every line instead of at the end of the ledger. This is useful on such occasions when only a single person is dealing with business as well as bookkeeping.

Ledger for Small Business

Although all the transactions are first written into the accounting journal this type of ledger can be used to directly enter all the transactions and then log them into the journal later at the end of the day. Or you can even modify or use this template to use as an accounting journal.

Download this ledger for MS Word

Ledger for Small Business (MS Word Format 30Kb)

#3 General Ledger for Financial Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations

This ledger template is very efficient at tracking accounting errors and is ideal to use in such businesses or organizations where more financial activities take place such as nonprofit organizations where fundraising needs to be recorded. Every transaction has its own split debit credit column and on top of that, every row has the balance calculation that too with its debit and credit columns. This reduces the chances of accounting errors to almost none. Secondly, this ledger template also requires to mention of the opening and closing balance at the start of each ledger sheet which assures further elimination of any remaining chances of accounting errors.

Ledger for Non Profit Organization

Lastly, this Ledger template also requires your bookkeeper to mention the sheet numbers of both the next and previous Ledger attachment sheets which reduced the chances of any unauthorized alterations in your account books.

Download this ledger template for MS Office

Ledger Template (MS Word 29Kb)

#4 Landscape General Ledger Template

Your business may require a bit larger description for your day-to-day transactions so this landscape ledger template can be handy for you. It is a dual entry ledger so it enjoys all the benefits of the previous ledger template. However, it will use more paper as printing in the landscape will result in fewer rows. You can choose between this template and the previous one as per your business needs.

Landscape Ledger

Here is the Ledger template for MS Office

Landscape Ledger Template (MS Word 28Kb)

#5 General Ledger with Inversed Headers

This is another general ledger template with inverse blue headers which makes the transactions a bit more visible. It can aid some people with poor eyesight. Or you can simply replace your old black color ledger with this blue color one to make your accounting work a bit less boring.

Inversed General Ledger

Download in MS Word Format

General Ledger Template