Free Party Flyer Templates

November 19, 2009 By: genius

It is impossible to consider a flyer template collection complete without party flyer templates. We do have to invite our friends and relatives on various daily life parties. An example can be a birthday party, an engagement party, a day to day tea party or a Halloween party. A single phone call to invite a friend or relative is probably not the best thing to do. You can put a twist by printing out a beautiful party flyer using your regular color printer. You don’t have to be a designer to create a party flyer; all you need is a bunch of predesigned party flyer templates, a PC and a regular color printer. Although I cannot provide you with a free computer or free printer but I can obviously provide you some free party flyer templates to start with. You will need MS Office to edit these party flyers which I think is already present on 90% computers out there so that shouldn’t be a problem.

party flyer template 1

Party Flyer Template 1

birthday flyer template 2

Party Flyer Template 2

Here are the links to download the flyers.
Party Flyer 1
Party Flyer 2

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