Flyer Templates Using Photoshop

March 03, 2010 By: admin

Adobe Photoshop is a professional designing tool which is often used to design flyer templates by professional flyer designers. Adobe Photoshop has a different design approach from vector art based flyer designers like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. Instead of using vector (point to point) based lines, Adobe Photoshop uses layers. A layer can be transparent so a number of layers can be placed on one another in order to create a beautiful flyer and each layer can be edited independently without affecting other layers.
The printable flyers are often sent to the printers in form of PDF files and Photoshop is capable of exporting your flyer to a PDF file. If you are designing a flyer for a small scale or internal use then you can find thousands of free images on internet which you can use in your flyer. You can make these images transparent in Photoshop easily using the magicwand tool or using the transparency rubber tool. It is not necessary to purchase latest Photoshop version. A flyer template is not a very advanced thing to design so even old versions of Adobe Photoshop can comfortably serve your flyer designing purpose.
If you are willing to design an E-Flyer-template then you should probably go for Adobe Acrobat Writer. Most of the E-Flyer Templates are distributed in form of PDF files. PDF files are much more compact than other E-Flyer formats. If your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase Adobe Acrobat Writer then I got a trick for you. You can download open source pdf printer tools which can be used as virtual printers. The good thing is, you can use whichever application you want to design your flyer template, all you need to do is to print the flyer template and select the virtual printer as your printer. The virtual printer will automatically convert your flyer template into a PDF flyer template.

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