Flyer-Tear Off Tabs

September 10, 2009 By: genius

I have received many emails to post a free flyer template having tear off-tabs so I decided to post it here on flyers templates website. This template can be used for vouchers like buy one get one free, or for coupons like special discount coupon or for multiple services combined under one package. If you want to make a flyer describing your products and services and want to attach some coupons with it so that any one can tear them off your flyer and then can use them by visiting your shop or office to purchase your products and services on a special discount, then this tear off-tabs flyer template is best for you. You can easily customize it using standard Microsoft Publisher software and remember that it is totally free. Some people also sell the flyer with tear-off tabs itself, that is because this flyer contains the tear-off tabs which can be used for future free or discounted purchases. That is up to you how you utilize it so feel free to use it. Here is the preview of this free flyer template with the tabs that can be torn off.

Flyer with Tear Off Tabs

Flyer with Tear Off Tabs

Download Free Tear Off Tabs Flyer Template

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One Response to “Flyer-Tear Off Tabs”

Comment from sharon ray
Time March 13, 2010 at 7:14 am

the templates don’t show up on the site so you can’t down load them.
i’ve been looking for a flyer with tear off tabs for ages,i finally find a site to get one and it wont work.